The Insanity Starts
On a warm summers day in 2012 while visiting friends in Michigan, someone in our group had the idea to rent a boat and go for an outing on Lake Michigan. We had some fun and laughs and, on the way back to the dock, my brain had a thought that my filter did not catch, and I blurted out; "we should retire on a boat". Giggles and some eye rolls ensued and there were a few questions of how that would even work. 
We went to dinner had a few more thoughts on the matter and then without warning we had agreed that retiring on a boat would be a great idea. We slowly formulated a tentative plan of when we could retire at the earliest and the proverbial snowball was started down the hill.
We asked questions of the almighty Google and sought guidance from the wisdom of YouTube. We quickly determined that being retired on a sailboat was out of the question for us. We did not want to do that much work to get from point A to point B and I learned to sail when I was younger and recall that there was not a sailboat built that I could not easily crash and possibly sink; so, a power yacht it was. What do we do now...
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