Getting Fit with Boat Yoga
Just as our hopes were all but lost, we get a phone call from our broker telling us he has a boat that is going to be listed in the morning. We told him to start the contract and we were on the way to look at it. We were lucky enough to have the money in the bank to transfer even though we had not received the deposit back from the boat we lost financing on. 
We were rushed through the process but had everything in place. If the yacht passed trials, we were moving forward. We immediately started ordering the hardest to find electronics that we knew had to be replaced on whatever yacht we bought mainly the radio and AIS. We got our sea trial and haul out date within a few days and we started getting excited. We went to see her again and started making assessments of visible areas of concern and questions we wanted to ask the surveyor.
We were very lucky that the engines had low hours and both the mechanical surveyor and sea trial surveyor were saying that this was the best Carver they had seen in a long time. Everything was clean, everything seemed to be working. A few minor issues to start off, no working freshwater pump and a head that wasn't pulling a vacuum. The haul our revealed a small delamination spot and that was it. The majority of the items we had to fix on the survey report was relatively minor, things like, new fire extinguishers, new flares, replace carbon monoxide monitors and a few other small items. The largest item was the raw water pump on the generator needed to be replaced.
After a complete engine service and fuel polishing, she was ready to move to a covered dock for work. We started an extensive refit that took 35 days. We had purchased and had on hand the majority of the items we needed to complete the work. During the refit we found some items that needed some attention, but we got it completed with a minimum of delays. The major issues that slowed us down was a previous owners extensive use of expanding foam to fix most problems they ran into. We were able to meet our deadline of moving onboard by December 1st of 2021. Once on board, projects were a little slower in completion, but we had less projects to complete.
We have her out of the water now, April 4 through the 8th 2022, completing the last of the needed repairs and upgrades before departing on our travels. We will be updating our journey on Facebook and Instagram.​​​​​​
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